Our Mission

We are developing a better approach to treating blood-related conditions together

At Mayra Foundation, our heartbeat resonates with a purpose – to make a meaningful impact in the world of Thalassemia and related diseases. Beyond merely providing support, we are a catalyst for change, actively engaging in initiatives that touch every aspect of health and education.

Join us on our journey as we weave hope, compassion, and care into the fabric of lives affected by blood disorders.

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Our Main Areas of Specialization Consist Of

Thalassemia Counselling

We provide extensive support for individuals and families dealing with Thalassemia challenges. Our seasoned counselors offer emotional support, information, and resources, empowering families to make informed healthcare decisions.

Blood Disorders Awareness

Mayra Foundation actively raises awareness about blood disorders, fostering understanding and dispelling myths. Our programs aim to eliminate the stigma through education and outreach.

Blood Camps

We prioritize regular blood transfusions for Thalassemia patients, organizing blood camps to maintain a reliable blood supply, benefiting both patients and local blood banks.

Health and Education Initiatives

The Mayra Foundation expands beyond blood disorders to engage in health and education sectors, promoting holistic development and fostering supportive environments for overall well-being.

Disability- Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

For children who are unable to acquire and join these sessions, we are here. Through Prognosia Healthcare we offer free sessions and counseling to these children.

Join us in the fight against blood cancer.

Our Visionary Perspective, Our Proven Approach

By transforming lives one step at a moment, the Mayra Foundation aspires to a day when people with blood diseases and Thalassemia not only get support, but also live resiliently and with dignity. Our goal is to establish a culture where healthcare advocacy is based on knowledge, empathy, and proactive action.

The Mayra Foundation takes a comprehensive stance when it comes to healthcare advocacy, understanding that real change comes from concerted effort and steadfast commitment. By combining compassion, knowledge, and community involvement, we work to create a setting where each person can get the tools and assistance, they require to live a happy and meaningful life.

Cared and Supported
200+ Children

Established Track Record
Over 4+ Years

Enlisted Support from
65+ Volunteers

40+ Teaching Authorities

From Our Community

Mission Manifesto: Beyond Boundaries

Driven by compassion and fueled by innovation, Mayra Foundation is dedicated to:

Providing comprehensive support for individuals and families impacted by Thalassemia and related diseases.

Spearheading community-driven initiatives to raise awareness and eradicate misconceptions surrounding blood disorders.

Organizing blood donation camps and partnering with medical institutions to ensure a steady supply of blood for those in need.

Contributing to the advancement of healthcare and education sectors through strategic collaborations and advocacy programs.

Meet The Minds Behind Mayra Foundation

Our Elite Team

Dr. Sarvotam Chauhan
M.P.T (Orthopedics) Director Prognosia Healthcare
Suman Chauhan
Founder & General Secretary
B. Pharma
Hospital Management
Neha Singh Jaglan
M.B.A (HR)
School Administration
Dinesh Singh Jaglan
Vice President
M.B.A (Marketing) Businessman
Yudhveer Singh
Joint Secretary
M. Tech (Biomedical) General Manager at Max Healthcare
Priyanka Sharma
Executive Member
School Teacher
Executive Member
M.B.A (Sales and Marketing) Administration
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